In our business area, we often follow products from idea to full scale production. Accuracy, precision and trust are paramount to ensure that nothing goes wrong. Our long-standing skills and experience make the process both smoother and more efficient. Numerous are the products we have developed over the years.

Big to small, prototypes or full-scale production, plastic or metal – every customer’s special needs are in focus. Our long experience in the process industry enables us to meet new challenges and streamline production processes where tens of seconds are important.

DIBO’s long experience in the process industry is a great help for customers in the development of ideas, prototypes and zero series. Often our staff comes with improvements and simplifications that ultimately save time and money for the customer.

Most customers demand a high pace that leads to short lead times on the prototype side and afterwards deliveries. DIBO is equipped to meet customers’ diverse needs, thanks to a flexible machine park.


Products and services

Auxiliaries for measuring technology

Cylinder housing for heavy vehicles

Casing to the marina

Components / tools for industry

Components for Optics / Laser Technology

Components of the defense industry

Products for dental / Medical equipment

Products for the gas industry

CE marking of products to customer

Produced pieces a year


DIBO is a fine mechanics company that manufactures complicated details in metal materials such as aluminium, brass, steel and titan.

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