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We manufacture innovative smart systems and componets.

Our accumulated know-how allows us to flexibly machine difficult materials such as titanium and heat-resistant alloy. Our machining technology can produce products even if most suitable materials for a specific application are difficult to machine.

Best technologies and products. Design for the process.


Medical machining related to surgical implants, devices and medical instrument.

Challenges include small-scale machining or micromachining because implanted devices.

Often consist of very tiny componets and machining titanium.


We will be one billion more people on earth by 2030.

Industry will play a major role in tackling global challenges and automation will be a key factor.

New technology

Cutting edge solutions in advanced cutting processing.

Dibo will prepare a brighter future for generations to come through our commitment to protecting lives and preserving the planet. We believe the unique strengths of our research, production and people make anything possible.

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DIBO is a fine mechanics company that manufactures complicated details in metal materials such as aluminium, brass, steel and titan.


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